Finally Building Tapestry 4 Head

I’ve got a pet peeve about Tapestry-no distro I have yet used builds right from download and setting properties. Invariably, I have to hack my way through numerous build failures to track down the various problems. On my Mac, It’s taken me over an hour just to get install to work, and that only after disabling tests, finally realizing that run-tests called compile for the non-test files, and putting that in as a dependency for war. Apparently some of the tests have some line-ending issues for non-Windows machines. There are 700+ tests, so I haven’t started looking. I also had to hack some of the Hivemind build files as well. I think the only distro that’s built from source right out of the box for me has been the one Erik Hatcher and I put together for 3.0.2 (I haven’t tried 3.0.3-hopefully it still works out of the box). What I want to do is download the source, compile it, and use that code so that I can make up-to-date bug reports and patches. Instead, I spend several hours of headache, wonder why I’m spending my weekend doing this and putting it away in frustration.

That sucks, because I really like developing in Tapestry.




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