One of Those Days…

Was gonna work at home, at 8am the electricity went out reminding of the work being done in my building, went off to a cafe, worked on a tough problem for a while, needed svn\_load\, but wasn’t on my version of Subversion, figured I’d upgrade my DarwinPorts installations, everything broke, couldn’t fix, went into client’s office, tried to install DarwinPorts from scratch, but client’s Internet connection is lame, so DarwinPorts kept stalling, went home because electricity was supposed to be back on, got home to “two more hours!”, went to another cafe, finally got good Internet connectivity, got DP reinstalled, went home got my real work going again, tests passing for MySQL, but not SQLite, “what the ?$?$?”, later realized I needed Swig installed, uninstalled sqlite3-ruby gem, installed Swig, installed sqlite3-ruby again, tests passing for SQLite, VPN connection not working so I can’t commit changes, nearly 1am. Whew.

Every once in a blue moon it just goes that way, doesn’t it?




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