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MacBook Pro Battery Grows

A couple of days ago my MacBook Pro started shutting down randomly while running on battery. I called Apple, they had me reset the power manager and the PRAM. The next day, it shut down again, so I called Apple and they agreed to ship a new battery. Yesterday, while still on the original battery, I noticed my clicker acting funny-it felt scratchy. Today it got worse-it wouldn’t push down very far. Then I remembered a buddy who had had the same issue (our machines were made and shipped together—they tracked together all the way from Shanghai). First his MBP randomly shut down on battery power. Then the battery swelled. The swelling was so bad, it caused permanent damage to his clicker. I pulled out my battery, and sure enough, my clicker returned to normal. I looked sideways at the battery. It’s started bulging in the middle and the aluminum bottom is starting to separate.

How can there not be a recall on these batteries yet?

Here’s Anoop’s post. I have the same heat and whine issues. Apple agreed to service it a few months ago, but I’ve needed it too much to send it in. Hopefully in July.



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