BDD: We shouldn’t use "Should"

I like behavior driven development. Even though I still using Ruby and Rails built-in testing framework, I write test names descriptive of behavior.

But I have stopped using should.

Should has become a bunch of noise in BDD that needs to be expunged. What’s wrong with test_should_move_resource_lower_and_return_to_edit_exhibit? One alone is fine, but to read a bunch of should phrases over and over is mind-numbing:


What a lot of noise! Who wants to keep hearing the word “should” in their head over and over? Or writing it over and over? Not me!

Use the Active Verb!

So how do I write my test names? Using the active verb:


Much easier to read, the ugly repetition of should is gone, and the method names are shorter. Recently, at Rails Edge in Reston, VA, Jim Weirich gave a test-first presentation where he used active verbs instead of should. I went up after and thanked him profusely.


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