Bad News for Beer-Drinkers!

Wow, I just found out from my local favorite wine and beer shop, Market Street, that there is a world-wid hop shortage!

Well, what we feared is now upon us. The first of the price increases reflecting grain and hop shortages (if you don’t know, there’s a world-wide hop shortage) will take effect this month. Look for domestic and imported beer prices to rise sharply as the supplies of malts and hops from multiple varieties continue to fall way behind demand. Hop heads, prepare to hang your hop heads.

And as if price changes weren’t bad enough … we also can expect many of our favorite beers to change their recipes to reflect hop availability, or lack of ability as the case is. (Such things as an IPA made solely of one Pacific Northwest hop may be a thing of the past.) Things will be toughest for smaller and newer craft breweries, of course, but we may see even established breweries forced to retire brands. Everyone expects the shortages to slow the Craft Beer Boom. For lovers of fine beer, the landscape is about to change.

As a beer-lover, I can’t believe that I missed this before. Here’s an NPR story: Hops Shortage Likely to Boost Price of Beer.


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