From the Tiger to the Leopard

Well, Mac OS 10.5.2 came out the other day and I decided it was time to start my migration to Leopard. The first glitch was that my Leopard disc was DOA. Bogus. No good. Kaputt. The dang thing wouldn’t show up in either computer, so I called Apple and they are sending me a replacement. In the meantime, I’ve borrowed a disc from a buddy.

I do a clean installation every time. Upgrades don’t work–they leave too much old crap on the system. Stuff that might interfere with the proper operation of things under the hood or with my development tools. Too make things easy, I installed to a partition of my new backup drive and then started transferring my data and applications over. Everything was smooth, except for Mail, which applied the junk filter to my previously sorted imap data. I mean, WTF? Then I discovered that it was treating my whole imap tree from one of my accounts as the junk folder. After some hair-pulling, my buddy Anoop got me straight. I had to configure Mail to use a specified junk folder. Like I would have figured that out. My lord. So I created a folder and told mail to use it for Junk and the problem was solved. The new folder suddenly reappeared at the top of the folders window renamed Junk with the Junk icon.

I also ran into a glitch installing MySQL server from MacPorts. Everything seemed to go fine, but when I ran the launchd/launchctl mojo, MySQL would not run. I reinstalled a few times and no love. Finally, I just wiped out MacPorts and started from scratch and all went fine. The first time I had neglected to initialize the db right away and perhaps that was the cause of my troubles. I’ll never know, but starting over completely was a pretty painless operation and solved the problem.

Leopard fixes many issues under the hood, adds Time Machine, a new multi-threaded Finder, and more. But I must say, The new flat, blue folder icons are just terrible–a real step backwards. Also, I’ve had to move from my wonderful old NetNewsWire 2.5 to the new 3.1 as some of the old version’s key commands do not work in Leopard. Makes me sad, because I really hate the giant, blue bubbles used for the unread article count. The are loud and obtrusive. I much preferred the old parenthetical style of indicating the unread count.

Safari 3 is also a good step up–I was still on a 2.x version because I did not upgrade Tiger to 10.4.11, choosing to stay at .10, since there had been many reported issues. I don’t know what I think about its search yet though.

I’m really glad to be on Leopard though. As a developer and incessant computer user, it’ll be great to have the stability, new Finder, DTrace and other features of the new system–not to mention Time Machine.


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