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Curb on RailsMachine Cent OS 64-bit

Today I was having trouble installing the Curb gem on a Rails Machine 64-bit Cent OS server. Then I found this:

yum -y install krb5-devel e2fsprogs-devel libidn-devel openssl-devel 

Found it here:—ruby-libcurl-bindings/browse_thread/thread/cb50d150424b4fe5

Goodbye John Companies, hello SliceHost

A month ago I wrote kudos to John Companies. I’ve been a very happy camper on my FreeBSD machine there (currently up 875 days!). I had planned on upgrading to Phusion Passenger, but when I attempted, I messed everything up because I was on FreeBSD 4.11 and the current FreeBSD ports don’t support that version any longer. Unfortunately, I’d already updated the system on my server and going back just wasn’t a real option. After messing with the mess, I decided it was time to reconsider.

So, I headed over to SliceHost and setup an Ubuntu server in no time, for less than half the cost of my JC server. The tools are amazing, as is the ability to manually and/or automatically backup a complete slice image for only a few dollars more per month. In not much time I had my server setup with Rails, Enterprise Ruby, MySQL and Passenger.

I’ll miss John Companies and FreeBSD, but SliceHost has leapfrogged JCs in both cost and tools.

FreeBSD 4.11 at John Companies

I have a server at John Companies where I run a few private apps and an old SVN repo. The thing has been running great without a restart for nearly 2.5 years:

4:56PM up 847 days, 15:54

Thanks, FreeBSD.

I’m about to upgrade Apache and convert to Phusion Passenger. I hope I get such rock-solid stability with them as I had in the past.


There’s something wonderful about having my Mac yell “Ni!” when I do something wrong.

My First iTunes Movie Rental

Last night I rented a movie from iTunes for the first time and watched in on my MacBook Pro. The whole operation was pretty great, with only a minor couple of glitches. After renting and download started, I waited until about 100 megabytes of the 1.5 gigabytes had downloaded. The audio started but the screen was white. I got out of full screen mode and stopped the movie. When I restarted it, I had video as well. Later, I paused the movie for about an hour in full screen, but it wouldn’t resume until I left full screen. Other than those two minor glitches, the experience was fantastic. The audio and video quality were great. Kudos to Apple. I think this will be a fantastic service.

How to Change the Case of Finder Labels in Leopard

A quick search of the term “uppercase” at got me this. Took me about 2 minutes and now I have capitalized rather than uppercased labels. Now to find out how to change Mail and iCal and I will be a happy Leopard user…






As I get familiar with Leopard, one other annoyance is the introduction of ALL CAPS into the UI. I hate them. ALL CAPS are the text equivalent of a RAISED VOICE. The two places that I’ve noticed them are in the Mail and Finder sidebars. Mail used to use lowercase which was much less obtrusive.

finder-sidebar.png mail-sidebar.png

The other thing: why the MAILBOXES label? Tiger’s mail didn’t have the label, I don’t need it and it wastes vertical space. At least let me make it lowercase…



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