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MongoMapper 0.7.0: ids created on new()

I upgraded to MongoMapper 0.7.0 the other day and found that an XHR form was no longer working. It turns out that as of this version, MM now generates an id on new(). I think this is a great idea (think about building associations–you don’t need to save first with pregenerated ids), but when used with form_for() the generated form id is no longer new_model, but model_<id>. Because the MM object responds to new_record? (alias of new?), form_for() handles the rest of this correctly. If you want to keep the new_record style id in the form, you can manually set :id on the form, or you can just set the id on the object to nil: => nil).

fingernails in oatmeal, Metaprogramming: Ruby vs. Javascript

A very useful post on Ruby and Javascript metaprogramming. I learned a trick or two in both languages: fingernails in oatmeal, Metaprogramming: Ruby vs. Javascript

Vineet Gupta: NoSql Databases Part 1 – Landscape

Vineet Gupta: NoSql Databases Part 1 – Landscape

2009 Open Source Top Ten

From Maddox: 2009 Open Source Top Ten

Soap4R’s Online Docs not Up-To-Date

Wondering why I couldn’t find SOAP::Mapping::LiteralRegistry and SOAP::Mapping::EncodedRegistry in the online Soap4R docs, I finally fired up the gem rdoc server. Sure enough, there they are. So, if you need to look at Soap4R’s rdocs, don’t view them online.

CouchDB Replication

Because CouchDB provides an easy way to do offline replication, people can mirror your hosted application for personal use, and sync back later when they’ve made

This has wonderful work-flow implications compared to apps using relational databases for storage.

Successful Lisp

I’ve been using this as my introduction to Lisp: Successful Lisp. So far I’m finding it to be a wonderful resource.



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