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As I get familiar with Leopard, one other annoyance is the introduction of ALL CAPS into the UI. I hate them. ALL CAPS are the text equivalent of a RAISED VOICE. The two places that I’ve noticed them are in the Mail and Finder sidebars. Mail used to use lowercase which was much less obtrusive.

finder-sidebar.png mail-sidebar.png

The other thing: why the MAILBOXES label? Tiger’s mail didn’t have the label, I don’t need it and it wastes vertical space. At least let me make it lowercase…

Thank Heavens for Apple

Being a programmer, I spend a lot of time on my computer. A lot of time. The past few days I’ve had to look at some pages in Internet Explorer on Windows and I helped a friend with some issues on her Windows machine. Thank heavens for Apple, the Mac and Mac OS X. If I had to spend all that computer time on a Windows machine, I would be miserable. Not only are Macs beautiful, powerful machines, but Mac OS X is beautiful, powerful, simple to use, secure, and a great programming environment. Thank you Apple.



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