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Goodbye John Companies, hello SliceHost

A month ago I wrote kudos to John Companies. I’ve been a very happy camper on my FreeBSD machine there (currently up 875 days!). I had planned on upgrading to Phusion Passenger, but when I attempted, I messed everything up because I was on FreeBSD 4.11 and the current FreeBSD ports don’t support that version any longer. Unfortunately, I’d already updated the system on my server and going back just wasn’t a real option. After messing with the mess, I decided it was time to reconsider.

So, I headed over to SliceHost and setup an Ubuntu server in no time, for less than half the cost of my JC server. The tools are amazing, as is the ability to manually and/or automatically backup a complete slice image for only a few dollars more per month. In not much time I had my server setup with Rails, Enterprise Ruby, MySQL and Passenger.

I’ll miss John Companies and FreeBSD, but SliceHost has leapfrogged JCs in both cost and tools.



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