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The Rails Edge

Last week I attended The Rails Edge Reston. I can honestly say that it was the best workshop or conference I have attended. I’ve been to 3 or 4 No Fluff, Just Stuff conferences, Rails Conf, and Ruby Conf. It’s true that I’ve seen many of the same speakers at these other events. Perhaps the presenting team has gelled into some sort of uber-team, but the pacing of the event and the little touches by Mike and Nicole put it over the edge for me.

It’s often said that Ruby has a very strong and positive community. The Rails Edge bore this out. One small example of this was during the MacBook Pro give-away. When the winner was announced, I heard nothing but wild, enthusiastic cheering for him.

As I told Mike Clark and a few others, this is the first conference I have attended where I was not disappointed by a single presentation. Highlights for me were all of Dave Thomas’s and Jim Weirich’s presentations. I also liked the presentation team of Chad Fowler and Bruce Williams. But as I said before, I was not disappointed in any of the presentations. The lightning and VGA presentations were fantastic, too. Quick exposure to what the some of the participants are doing with Ruby and Rails was an invaluable part of the conference.

Thanks to all the presenters and attendees, and especially Mike and Nicole for organizing the event.



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